Me and my best gal Eva!

                                                         Me and my best gal Eva!

Zip codes covered* (Other zip codes may qualify in certain cases): 

97211       97206       97239       97006       

97213       97217       97221       97008

97215       97215       97229       97007

97206       97213       97225       97223

97217       97219       97005       97123



Hi! My name is Brittany, owner of Rose City Pets, LLC. I have been a lifelong animal lover. When I was young I was always pretending to be various animals, such as dogs, cats, birds, and fish. I figure that being a petsitter is the next best thing!

I have taken care of dogs, cats, fish, birds, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, rodents,  snakes, lizards, and more! I have been a petsitter for over a decade and am thankful for every client who hires me.

I have a special affinity for senior pets and those with special needs. I am a medication ROCK STAR and have given medication such as injectables, IV fluids, pills, chewies, and liquids.

I am licensed and insured/bonded and am certified in pet first aid/CPR.

Please contact me via the "Contact" link if you have any questions. It's the way to get the fastest reply!

I'd love to care for your pets!


Please note: Sometimes even the petsitter needs a vacation! I am out of town July 1-6, August 19-26, September 22-October 2, and October 26-28.